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BGAN Launchpad Software

Terminal Interface Software

BGAN LaunchPad Software version 5 is a standard user interface that can be used across all Land Portable, Land Mobile and FleetBroadBand terminals.

LaunchPad users may also download and install, our Inmarsat-developed TCP Accelerator software which significantly enhances the performance of TCP traffic in the 'send' direction

Land Portable Terminals Supported:

* Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 100
* Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 110
* Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 300
* Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 500
* Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 700
* Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 700 WOW 
* HUGHES 9201
* HUGHES 9202 
* Harris FALCON III RF-7800B-DU
* Wideye SABRE 1

Windows logo

Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8 


Mac OSX Intel Hardware

Installer compatible with:
Thrane & Thrane Explorer 727

  Windows XP, Vista and 7  

  * Requires Java JRE 6u2 to be installed on your PC
  Installer for Java (13.2MB)