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Have a question about firmware downloads?

The latest firmware for your BGAN terminal. Where available, the downloads include application notes and installation guidance.


  9201 PC     (4.55MB)

  9201 Mac   (3.85MB)

  9250 PC     (4.56MB)

  9250 Mac   (3.80MB)


  Explorer 100/110  2.11.3 PC/Mac  (12.6MB)

  Explorer 300/500  3.02 PC/Mac  (5.28MB)

  Explorer 527  3.02 PC/Mac  (4.78MB)

  Explorer 700  3.03 PC/Mac  (4.85MB)

  Explorer 727  1.11 PC/Mac  (5.82MB)


  Sabre 1   12.2.1 PC/Mac  (7.57MB)

  Sabre 1   12.1.1 PC/Mac  (9.32MB)


If you are looking for more information about the Iridium Satellite Network visit here