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Send faster emails and data files via FleetBroadband using our Inmarsat-developed TCP Accelerator software.

The TCP Accelerator for FleetBroadband is available for Windows XP and Vista.

It is installed on a FleetBroadband user's PC and significantly enhances the performance of TCP traffic over FleetBroadband in the 'send' direction

For 32bit Windows XP and Vista please take the following two steps to install and use the TCP Accelerator:

   1. Download and install the TCP Accelerator
   2. Enable TCP Accelerator in FleetBroadand LaunchPad and LaunchPad will    manage the TCP Accelerator automatically

  Windows Vista - TCP Accelerator    (3.31MB)

  Windows XP - TCP Accelerator         (4.54MB)


If you are looking for more information about the Iridium Satellite Network visit here