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Portable Satellite Internet and Voice to the Rescue in the Philippines


On October 18th the island of Bohol in the Philippines was struck by an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale. Damage is catastrophic.

Communities on the island are devastated with more than 3 million people affected.   ThereBGAN Hughes 9202 Satellite Internet is severe damage to thousands of homes as well as roads and other infrastructure.  Some 600,000 families continue to be without electricity due to the landslides triggered by the earthquake.

Some communities located in remote areas of the island are completely isolated due to damage to the communications infrastructure.

Equipped with Inmarsat BGAN terminals, Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) has dispatched a team of telecommunications experts to the island to help with communications related issues.

 “We are aware of the need for telecommunications in disaster zones and are reaching out to the most remote areas of the island, to not only help co-ordinate the much needed humanitarian aid, but also to provide means of contact for the many families affected by this disaster,” said a TSF spokesman.

Team members of the emergency telecoms group are equipped with portable Satellite Internet devices via BGAN and Isatphone handheld satellite phones.

Solar Car Project uses BGAN Satellite Technology


Just recently completed, The World Solar Challenge was held in the outback of Australia. The race began October 6th in Darwin and finished on October 13th near Adelaid. 

Held every two years, this solar-powered electric terrestrial vehicle competition always faces the extreme challenges.  This year was no different. 

Challenged with providing real time sharing of vehicle performance information with their support teams for the purpose of maximizing vehicle performance, several of this year’s participants relied on BGAN satellite technology supported by the Inmarsat satellite  constellation.

The Netherlands-based Team Twente, The University of Michigan and the team from Kogakuin University in Japan all reported exceptional results using BGAN Satellite technology to report such information as weather forecasting, road conditions and possible driving hazards to their support teams.  The teams also were able to keep supporters and the media informed of their progress by using BGAN to post images and videos on social media sites.   

Along with Inmarsat, other supporting sponsors were JSAT Mobile Communications and Add Value Technologies. 

 "Inmarsat is proud to support the solar car teams as they seek not only to excel in this year's World Solar Challenge but also to further global efforts to harness natural sources of energy," said Gerbrand Schalkwijk, Vice President, Inmarsat Energy.

Why BGAN Satellite SCADA is the answer for the Smart Grid


The quest for a national smart grid to reduce energy costs has led to the exploration of satellite SCADA as the technology of choice. Satellite SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data

Satellite SCADA SolutionAcquisition) solutions have an upper hand over other networking technologies because of its availability, path diversity, support system and ubiquity. The technology is an innovative form of IP based communication. Smart grid requirements dictate that their applications need a strong network with a remote communication infrastructure. In addition, an IP based satellite platform can provide real time data exchange, broadband reach and operational visibility.

Flexible Solutions for Smart Grid Communications

M2M Satellite SCADA technology offers flexible solutions for smart grid communications through facilitating control over energy costs and consumption. One of the key areas of the smart grid is the integration of two way communication making it an interactive and dynamic infrastructure. The operational efficiency and network reach across the utility territory is increased through:

- Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) - smart grids require smart meters to assist consumers to regulate and manage their energy consumption and provide utilities with visibility of demand. The meters are connected to an assembly point through a local interlocked wireless network. These assembly points collect information on usage within geographical area and send the data to the utility centers backup through a cellular link.

- Distribution automation- Electricity utilities can use BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) or BGAN M2M services along power distribution channels as primary or secondary links to the data center. A single IP data connection, also two way, provides automated monitoring and control of switches and devices. This enables the utilities to maintain constant surveillance of their distribution network. The surveillance reveals voltage fluctuations, service demands and outages. The build of the BGAN and BGAN M2M terminals makes them ideal for pole mounting in most locations.

- Substation connectivity- this is ideal for hard to reach areas where fixed line communications may be too expensive to install. Immarsat provides satellite SCADA for the electricity substations either as a standalone solution or together with VSAT. BGAN is flexible enough to serve both low volume and high frequency and can therefore be used as a backup for communications at any substation.

 describe the imageThere are common operational requirements that all utilities have to support service crews while on the field. Communication is one of these operational requirements. Satellite SCADA helps in two ways to offer reliable communication for daily operations:

- Workforce mobility- constant communication between engineers and maintenance crews with the headquarters is essential for seamless workflow. Whereas cellular networks are capable of providing this, they are rendered useless in remote areas and in exchange of large data volumes due to limited bandwidth. Using the BGAN network, it is easy to use the satellite SCADA facilities both for bandwidth and voice enabling seamless communication on the field and the headquarters.

- Disaster recovery- continuity in business is vital for utilities that provide essential services in this case electricity. Therefore, responses during natural and artificial disasters that affect the working of terrestrial networks are vital to the continuity. The alternative communication path provided by satellite SCADA helps maintain the channels of communications. For example, Immarsat offers a secure fully equipped communication network that protects the resources and data on the smart grid. The network can also be used to direct operations or restore them completely independent of cellular technology.

The ubiquitous nature of satellite SCADA is the perfect option for utilities that are looking for a bridge between their smart grids and terrestrial network coverage hence achieving a significant improvement in smart grid applications and their communication needs across their entire service jurisdiction.

The Satellite Optimizer Hotspot Revolutionizes Mobile Sat Com


The Satellite Optimizer Hotspot is a new product that might revolutionize the satellite
communication industry. Far too many times we have wanted to slam our faces into the desk in desperation when things just wouldn't load quickly enough. Fortunately, the satellite optimizer hotspot has introduced a whole new level of innovation. The benefits are endless. The whole concept just might be the greatest thing since sliced bread!

satellite optimizerTo begin with, the satellite optimizer hotspot practically travels at the speed of light. Your web browsing experience can load up to 3-5 times faster when in use with the product. Along with this, email can be accessed about 20 times faster than it would with a standard network. With all this speed and optimization, up to 85% of your airtime bill can be saved! 

In addition, The Satellite Optimizer Hotspot can be used with satellite phones such as the IsatPhone Pro, the Iridium 9505A, and the Iridium 9555. It can also be used with certain types of devices via BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network.) BGAN is a global satellite network that operates through terminals, which are portable, reliable, and efficient. The Satellite Optimizer Hotspot uses BGAN to the advantage of its user, enhancing it for incredible speed and liability. When using BGAN through these kinds of handhelds with the hotspot, the odds of dropping calls is significantly reduced. There is no doubt that the Satellite Optimizer Hotspot has the advantage when it comes to convenience and stabilization.

Also, the Satellite Optimizer Hotspot can also be used globally with maritime services such as FleetBroadband. The service is cost-efficient, using a compact antenna to connect with satellites. The Optimizer Hotspot is not only used for luxury, though. It can be used in the time of emergency. There are phone tracking stations available such as MSAT-G2 (which is provided by various organizations), that feature a dispatch push to talk option via satellite. Through these stations, you can communicate through a reliable connection when networks on land are unavailable.

In times of need, you can be assured a stable method of communication. Who knows- the Satellite Optimizer Hotspot might just save your life!
All in all, the Satellite Optimizer Hotspot is an extraordinary, innovative product. It is the solution to enraging lag, pricey bills, and so much more! So what are you waiting for? Call ISS for more information today, you don't want to miss out on this technology.  

The Benefits of BGAN Satellite Solutions


Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite terminals provide an effective meansBGAN Satellite of communication to remote locations where terrestrial connectivity may prove inefficient or inaccessible for use in such locales. Although BGAN devices are promoted for use in areas with underdeveloped or nonexistent telecommunications, these devices are also invaluable in situations that require prompt establishment of contact between those within the field and the base of operations. The following offers ten excellent reasons why BGAN satellite terminals are suitable for industries and organizations that rely on remote site monitoring and management of networks and equipment.  

-BGAN satellite terminals offer reliable voice and data communication links between remote locations at a lower cost than other forms of terrestrial communication.

-BGAN devices can be configured to collect and transmit data for remote monitoring applications, as well as transmit command and control instructions to offsite equipment. Remote access can be facilitated without expending personnel or other valuable resources.

-Service coverage for a BGAN device extends globally, with exception to the poles. Maritime communication is also available via BGAN, with some limitations.

-BGAN terminals are built to operate under a wide variety of adverse weather conditions, providing reliable connectivity even in the most extreme weather.

-External battery devices allow the BGAN satellite terminal to continue operation after it loses its main power source in the field.

-BGAN terminals feature a compact form factor that allow for a greater degree of versatility regarding the placement of these devices. This compact form also allows for greater ease of deployment, as installers no longer have to deal with bulky equipment during the deployment process.

-Setup of a BGAN terminal only takes a matter of minutes to complete, making these devices valuable for disaster response, military operations and other applications where prompt deployment is critical. Many BGAN devices can connect to a nearby satellite signal and attain full connectivity with just the push of a button.

-BGAN terminals offer the fastest speeds of any satellite-based global data link, with a lower latency than most other systems.

-Users can connect to their BGAN satellite terminal using a wide array of devices, including Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet cables. Some terminals are also equipped to handle ISDN telephone calls, faxes and SMS text messages.

 -The cost of purchasing and owning a BGAN terminal makes it worthwhile for organizations with strict fiscal budgets. BGAN Satellite terminals do not require a heavy initial investment, nor do they require expensive upkeep.

BGAN satellite terminals are a cost effective and flexible method of monitoring and communicating with remote work sites where ordinary terrestrial communications are simply not an option. Those within the oil, utility, mining and defense industries, as well as disaster response, telemedicine and world travelers have experienced the benefits of utilizing BGAN Satellite Communication Technology for effective and reliable communications in remote places around the world.

The Advantages of Having a BGAN Satellite Terminal for Business

bgan satellite terminal
In remote locations around the world, Companies are looking at new and improved ways of upgrading their communications. High speed data is common place in the terrestrial sector however off the grid, it's a rare commodity. Fast moving data is a necessity in remote areas to allow businesses to stay on top of potential network and/or equipment issues in real time. One of the most popular ways the satellite industry is impacting global business is via the BGAN Satellite Terminal, or Broadband Global Area network, a high speed satellite broadband modem that transmits simultaneous voice and data from anywhere, to any location on the planet when terrestrial connectivity is not an option.

We have put together a list of ten reasons why it's should be a requirement of every business operating in remote locations of the world that need to access critical network and equipment data, to consider the BGAN Satellite Terminal.

Customization- The BGAN terminal comes in different styles and sizes of varying degrees of bandwidth capability depending on the requirements with the particular business application. In the Utilities or energy industry for example, a Wifi capable terminal is ideal for a Smart Grid Meter application that is often installed anywhere from 20 to 30 feet high. On the other end of the spectrum, an adventurer that is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and wishes to stay in contact with relatives and buddies and update his blog daily may only require to be hard wired in through an ethernet cable to his computer from the terminal.
Global Coverage -  operates off of the I-4 satellites which are 3
geosynchronous birds that function via the Inmarsat network covering the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean Regions. This group of satellites covers the footprint of 95% of the earth?s surface. BGAN Satellite is truly a worldwide communications solution.

Simple-To-Use - BGAN terminals are developed to be a streamlined and user-friendly technology, making even complex data transfers a simple task. With no technical expertise required, and less than 5 minutes to establish voice or data communications, these terminals bring with them convenience and ease-of-use

Unobtrusive and Adaptable- There are many options when it comes to portable, fixed or vehicular BGAN terminals. This ability to decide the role the terminals will play, provides organizations with the features and performance options to suit many different operational needs. BGAN is extremely flexible in the various roles that it can play to meet the demands of unique organization applications.

Various Applications- It's amazing how 1 BGAN unit, basically the size of an average laptop, can do so many things. Some of the applications that BGAN is most utilized for are email, browsing the web, secure VPN, SMS, videoconferencing, file transfers, live video streaming and remote surveillance, just to name a few.

Mobile Work Force- In big cities, WiFi does exist however it is the victim of range challenges. As long as the end user is outside, with direct line of site to the I4 satellites, broadband global area network is not plagued by these range issues.

Designed for All Industries- Developed with every possible scenario in mind, BGAN Satellite terminals have the potential to be used by any industry that has a need for remote communications where cell phones and Wifi access points don't exist. Industries such as Mining, Oil/Gas and the Utilities, as well as for individual projects for journalists, aid workers, and engineers, everyone who requires dependable and secure broadband data and voice access.

Simultaneous Voice and Broadband Data- With a single BGAN terminal, you can access data applications in remote areas at high speeds, while making a phone call at the same time. You are able to select guaranteed data rates on demand with voice and data capability.

Performance - Data connection speeds of up to half a megabit are common in BGAN terminals. Add to that a portfolio of IP streaming rates of 32, 64, 128, 176, 256, and BGAN X-Stream, along with an ability to support ISDN at 64 kbps, you have some of the fastest world-wide communications technology around. This bandwidth capability is more than enough to meet the needs of most
businesses that require a virtual remote office.

Network Reliability and Longevity -The geostationary location of satellites mean that service is not affected by typical terrestrial outages, which are commonly experience with cellular technology, particularly in extreme weather or when communications are compromised from a natural or man-made disaster for example. BGAN terminals provide the reliability you need to be confident in your

As you can see, there are many benefits to using BGAN terminals for your
organization. To get more information on these systems

SCADA via Satellite IP Is Integral to Smart Grid Utility Systems


Utility Smart Grid Satellite SCADAAs we try to build the national Smart Grid in the most productive ways possible, one must think about all of the different types of technology without favoring one communications or networking technology above another. Taking into account its growing importance, satellite networking technology must play a decisive part in Smart Grid initiatives for the utility industry.

Satellite SCADA solutions deliver: 

high availability 


path diversity

The Supporters

The mobile satellite communications market is totally devoted to delivering an innovative category of Internet Protocol (IP)-based communications such as Satellite SCADA. A powerful smart grid depends on a strong network and remote communications infrastructure. This is significant for businesses to take into account whenever implementing their very own smart grid endeavors. It is not realistic to expect any one-size-fits-all communications solution to suit smart grid execution. By far the most practical strategy to satisfy this demand will be to take advantage of the wide array of transport technologies out there while counting on common open standards, like the aforementioned Internet Protocol (IP) standard, to incorporate into a individual overall network architecture. Although numerous types of broadband platforms might be employed, it is the businesses perception that the IP standard should be used for the end-to-end network layer should be used for the end-to-end network layer.

Satellite SCADA based services are an essential part of the multi-technology strategy demanded by the utility industry to obtain an end-to-end, smart grid communications infrastructure -- one that will be reliable, fast, secure, and cost-efficient. Accordingly, the DOE must establish guidelines that are technology-neutral, never favoring an individual communications or networking technology more than another. hughes bgan 9201 M2M satellite scada

The Solution

Established satellite networks can be leveraged straight away to satisfy communications demands for utilities and Smart Grid. Satellite posseses an essential function for Smart Grid applications in the following crucial areas

Distribution Automation - A single, higher availability connection with an entry way which is fed by distribution devices, supports the traffic profile, high availability, and ubiquity.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) - Satellite provides a high-quality, affordable alternative to the conventional technologies, which have suffered with congestion, loss in coverage during disaster, and limited range. Satellite operates on safe networks, are not susceptible to public usage and its utilization of innovative antenna designs provide for much easier set up.

Mobile Work Force - New satellite technology may cost-effectively deliver rewards such as on-the-move vehicle connectivity and higher bandwidth

Disaster Recovery - Satellite technology is integral to disaster-recovery programs of utilities. Actually, the National Broadband Plan recommended the "use of broadband fixed and mobile satellite service for emergency preparedness and response activities, as well as for national security, homeland security, continuity and crisis management."

Clearly, broadband IP Satellite SCADA services are fundamental to our nations foreseeable future, and needs to be looked at as the most effective solutions to permit the Smart Grid to function at optimum efficiency.

Inmarsat's BGAN M2M



The next stage in unmanned IP data connectivity will be available soon with the release in February, 2012 of the Inmarsat BGAN M2M. A cost-effective alternative to saturated terrestrial cellular networks, this technology has been ideally made for the Utilities, Oil and Gas. Along with its ubiquitous coverage, the BGAN Satellite SCADA M2M allows for the following applications, among others:


· IP and non-IP SCADA


· Secure ATM/POS solutions


· Fixed Asset Monitoring


· Telemetry


· Surveillance


bgan m2m satellite scada oil gasInmarsat's proprietary satellite communications technology will provide a global, IP-based low-data rate service for individuals and companies needing to accommodate permanently unmanned environments with high levels of data availability.


Custom suited for fixed assets such as pipelines and oil well heads, or backhauling electricity consumption data within a utility, BGAN M2M enables high frequency, low latency data reporting.


Considering BGAN Satellite SCADA M2M is a fixed Standard IP service, those who use the device can take advantage of data speeds in excess of 100kbps in both directions, while also allowing for the capability to transmit larger data grabs or interacting with remote devices on an IP session.


Along with the speed, you also have the ability to monitor your fixed operations wherever they are located due to Inmarsat’s award-winning I-4 satellite network, which is a collection of three satellites that cover all surfaces of the earth. Even with the cutting-edge technology, this product still comes with a simple plug-and-play terminal that allows for easy access.


Since the BGAN M2M is satellite based, with the availability of coverage being 99.9%, the connectivity will almost never be an issue for business-critical applications. While terrestrial or cellular tech can experience outages in severe weather or other extenuating circumstances, Inmarsat’s satellites are in a "geostationary" position, insulating them from the common communication issues felt by land based technology.


As for investing in this technology, hardware costs will be highly competitive, with transparent pricing packages normally based on monthly data usage, between 2 and 8mb, allowing for managers to have full visibility of costs.


The BGAN M2M offers ubiquitous machine-to-machine communications for increased operational efficiency, along with real-time visibility of operations and simple integration into your operations. For a more tangible look at the technology, be sure to go over the Land Service Comparison and the Land Applications and Services Information.


Utilities Require BGAN for Remote Site Management


As our infrastructure continues to grow and new smart grids are introduced, utility companies are finding they have more options than ever before. The smart grid has the potential for revolutionizing the way we produce, as well as consume, electricity.

BGAN utilities smart gridWith these advancements, utility companies have a much better chance of successfully operating remote sites. In the past, the ability to implement proper remote sites has been issue for many companies due to the lack of technology. For the last century, utility companies have had to commit a great deal of manpower and time towards collecting data through traditional means, which made operating remote sites very difficult. As the new smart grid is implemented, efficiently run remote sites have started to become much more viable options.

But even though companies are able to take advantage of smart grids, some glaring issues still remain. With remote sites and large distances, the business of utilities has actually become more complicated in certain aspects, with communications being one of the major problem areas.

Fortunately for many companies looking to keep operations at peak levels, technology has already been developed which allows for seamless communications. The Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) was designed to allow companies to continue working efficiently, even when their sites of operation are widely dispersed or have little or no terrestrial connectivity.

BGAN is the worlds first simultaneous voice and high speed data (broadband) mobile satellite communications service available around the globe. It is portable, extremely user-friendly and allows for guaranteed data rates on demand.

Many of its terminals, such as the popular Hughes 9201-M2M satellite IP, are single box, and SCADA-ready. The terminal is simply packaged to enable continuous monitoring and control of remote sites, including well automation, pipeline monitoring, and utility SmartGrid such as SmartMeter backhaul, distribution automation, and substations SCADA. In addition, the device allows for instant connectivity, and has a tough exterior built for adverse weather conditions. Being compact and versatile, the terminals are a secure and cost-effective solution for handling large amounts of data.  BGAN M2M is an ideal solution for remote site management.

As the global market place continues to evolve and become more competitive, it is vital to partner with companies that provide the best technology for your communication needs.  With the help of BGAN, your company will be able to achieve its goals and thrive.

BGAN Service - Remote Site Management


The award-winning Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) provides simultaneous voice and data globally. The network offers a range of guaranteed and on-demand IP streaming rates. The BGAN service is particularly useful for people working in areas with little or no terrestrial connectivity. Such people include live broadcast media, scientists looking for mineral deposits, and utility companies.

2011 11 07 1412 resized 600The Hughes 9201-M2M satellite IP terminal is a single-box, SCADA-ready, machine-to-machine terminal designed for use with BGAN services. Several features make the Hughes 9201-M2M ideal for use by the oil, gas, water, and utility industries. The terminal is easily packaged for continuous monitoring and control of remote sites, including well automation, pipeline monitoring, and utility SmartGrid such as SmartMeter backhaul, distribution automation, and substation SCADA. Additionally, the device provides immediate connectivity, is built to operate in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, because it is compact and versatile, the Hughes 9201-M2M is a highly secure and cost-effective solution for a wide range of sites handling kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes of data.

The 9201-M2M facilitates end-to-end IP communications supporting TCP and UDP traffic with essential IP SCADA benefits and features. These include:

  •  Auto Context Activation, which automatically establishes a data context with the network for the user device connected to the Hughes 9201-M2M. The user device can set up the automatic context with either a static local IP address or a dynamic DHCP local IP address;
  • Auto On/Auto Power Cycle, which permits the Hughes 9201-M2M to automatically restore power to itself and turn back on if the site loses power or experiences a power interruption;
  • Point Once, which provides the installer with a quick and easy method of installing, pointing, and activating the terminal. This feature prevents the need for a laptop in the field;
  • 24/7 Keep Alive Link Supervision, which is designed to enable the Hughes 9201-M2M to supervise and maintain the data connection. The supervision occurs even when inactivity occurs for over 12 hours so that the customer’s remote terminal unit does not have to facilitate the task;

The IP Watchdog, which monitors the health of the data connection and takes various steps to keep it active. The terminal will initiate a reboot command to get back online if the data connection goes down and nothing is able to re-establish the connection; and
The internal battery backup, which is an optional feature for backup power should the power at the site fail.

BGAN M2MThese features make the Hughes 9201-M2M ideal for various oil, gas, and water applications. These applications include well data collection such as electronic flow management, pressure, and custody transfer data reading; remote monitoring and control of the compressor responsible for pushing high volumes of natural gas through the pipeline; and the transfer of critical and time-sensitive command and control instructions to downhole systems. Such features permit engineers to access sites remotely, without having to dispatch personnel, which preserves resources.

Additionally, the Hughes 9201-M2M is currently being adopted and deployed for a variety of utility solutions. These include:

  • An advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) Smart Meter Backhaul, by which thousands of residential and business wireless smart meters send usage data back to a collector point;
  • Distribution Automation, which permits the Hughes 9201-M2M to be deployed at utility poles to enable control of SmartGrid infrastructure such as reclosers, fault indicators, and capacitor banks; 
  • Substation Communications, which dramatically enhance communication link availability at a substation so that the Hughes 9201-M2M can operate as the backup when the primary line fails;
  • Disaster-Preparedness or Business Continuity Solutions, which permit use of the Hughes 9201-M2M for critical communications during the recovery period immediately following a catastrophic event that interrupts utility services.
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