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Manhattan location agreed for BGAN 'meet-me point'


Inmarsat has agreed a location in Manhattan, New York City, for its new North American 'meet-me point'.

As previously reported in Connect E-News, the high tech-facility will be a convenient and cost-effective nexus where Partners and their customers can connect to the BGAN network.

Transatlantic routing

BGAN traffic from the satellite access station at Burum, the Netherlands, will be routed across the Atlantic to TelX Inc, a carrier co-location facility based at 60 Hudson Street in Manhattan.

"This new meet-me point will ensure a 'level playing field' for our North America Distribution Partners," says Graeme Gordon, Inmarsat's land mobile product manager.

"They will be able to connect to the BGAN network via high-speed Ethernet or T1 cables just as easily and securely as our Europe-based Partners."

Networks converge

TelX Inc is an internationally recognized operator of telecom network interconnection facilities. The company says that more than 250 networks physically converge within its Hudson Street facility.

DPs will be able to establish their own points of presence (PoPs) at Hudson Street, or route their BGAN traffic to PoPs elsewhere.

Direct links

Large-scale BGAN users, such as broadcasters, will also have the option of linking direct to the meet-me point, although they will have to do so in conjunction with a DP.

Inmarsat is considering the business benefits of establishing other meet-me points elsewhere in the world.

For more information about the Manhattan facility, please contact your DP or Inmarsat account manager.

BGAN powers blogs as racers head to Timbuktu


13-02-2008 - A three-week, 4,500-mile trek to Timbuktu in an ageing Vauxhall Corsa car relied on Inmarsat BGAN to keep in touch from some of the remotest places on Earth.

For racers Alex Lane and Sylvia Hermann - also known as the Monkeyrunners - a BGAN terminal definitely made their list of essential equipment, along with the toolkit, water and mosquito repellent.

Inmarsat loaned journalist Alex and his partner a Explorer 100 terminal made by Thrane & Thrane for the Timbuktu Challenge - an annual charity race from London to Mali by vehicles which must be worth less than £100 (US$51).

Those motor vehicles that cross the finishing line are auctioned off to support local good causes.

Alex wanted the BGAN terminal so he could transmit regular blogs, video and photos to his Timbuktu Challenge website, and keep in touch with family and supporters back home in the UK.

"It was excellent," said Alex. "It was really easy to set up and use and it fitted into a standard laptop bag.

"Certainly in places like Mauritania and Mali we were in and out of areas where you could get mobile phone coverage. So it was great being able to get online and update the blog."

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