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Fleetbroadband 150 Has Arrived!


Entry-level broadband arrives for armada of smaller vessels

Large vessel connectivity comes to an armada of small leisure, fishing and merchant vessels with the launch of Inmarsat’s new entry-level FleetBroadband 150 service.

The new service, inaugurated in Miami, Florida, on 11 May, makes broadband communications even more accessible - delivering voice and IP data, plus SMS, up to 150kbps as standard.

Low-cost and with a competitive airtime package, the service supports a new range of FB150 terminals designed for smaller fishing, coastal merchant and leisure vessels with relatively low data requirements.

Weather reportsInmarsat’s maritime market manager Kyle Hurst said: “For smaller leisure vessels, FleetBroadband 150 is ideal for checking weather reports, email and for keeping in touch with the office or home.

“With fishing vessels, it will help them keep a competitive edge by knowing where the fish are and getting them to market at the best price. There are also new regulatory requirements on catch reporting that FleetBroadband 150 will help them meet.”

The new service was launched to customers, distribution partners and the media on a cruise around Biscayne Bay off Miami.

Challenging conditions

Sig Hansen, captain of one of the fishing vessels featured in the Discovery Channel documentary series Deadliest Catch, and Rick Deppe, a media crew member from the Volvo Ocean Race, currently stopping over in Boston, gave their insights into using FleetBroadband in some of the most challenging conditions at sea.

Inmarsat’s head of maritime business, Piers Cunningham, said: “The FB150 is not big, but it is clever. It is the world’s smallest, lightest and fastest satellite broadband terminal.”

FB150 terminals from Thrane & Thrane and Addvalue are expected to be available from mid June.

Are you prepared for the upcoming Hurricane Season?


Are you prepared for the upcoming Hurricane Season?

With less than 5 weeks remaining until hurricane season, now is the time to assess your satellite communications needs. International Satellite Services, Inc has prepared for this hurricane season by stocking a large inventory of both the Iridium 9505A and the NEW Iridium 9555 Handheld Satellite Phones. Both of these terminals provide global services, allowing users to send and receive voice and data transmissions, regardless of location AND during emergency situations when terrestrial connectivity is not possible. Please contact us now for special pricing.

Are you interested in a portable high speed data and simultaneous voice solution? The Wideye Sabre 1 BGAN Terminal by ISS is the perfect solution for browsing the web, sending/receiving emails and simultaneously making voice calls… all in one terminal. The Wideye is equipped with a range of common interfaces, providing connectivity options in the field and the swiveled antenna facilitates rapid and easy pointing for a satellite connection. Combined with its sub-laptop size, the terminal is ideal for single users in an emergency situation who need to set up a complete mobile office in frequently changing locations.

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