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Sailor firmware upgrade


There is now a firmware upgrade available for the Thrane & Thrane Sailor 250 and Sailor 500 FleetBroadband terminals.

Inmarsat strongly advises all end-users to upgrade to this new version to ensure continued good service in the I-4 Asia-Pacific region.

Although users in other regions are not affected, Inmarsat recommends that users in the I-4 Americas and I-4 EMEA regions download and install the firmware upgrade.

New features offered by the upgrade include:

  • New I-4 satellite region names and satellite positions
  • Web interface that indicates elevation angle towards the satellite
  • SIM PIN can now be enabled/disabled from Administration, and
  • Supports upcoming VoIP handset.

The AT command set has also been updated, as well as a number of other unique features. There are also a number of bug fixes incorporated, and as such Inmarsat strongly recommends installation of this upgrade.

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