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Portable Satellite Internet and Voice Service: How to Get Online in the Middle of Nowhere

Portable Satellite Internet services via BGAN SatelliteMany people today can hardly imagine life without the Internet. In such a short span of time, the World Wide Web has become an integral part both of the personal and professional lives of countless people, businesses and institutions. To say that the Internet has greatly extended the functionality of both personal computers and mobile devices is a gross understatement.

Over the past few years, the technologies used for connecting people to the Web have improved greatly. From the use of phone lines to cable and DSL, the forward motion of development can be quite amazing.

But despite the great advances in Internet technology, there is quite a great number of places which have yet to discover the benefits of surfing the Web and connecting to individuals across a wide geographical gap through social media and instant messaging.

With the use of portable satellite Internet, people in areas off the grid can now enjoy the benefits of getting online. In the same manner, individual travelers, businesses and non-governmental organizations doing work in remote areas can take advantage of this technology. But what exactly are the benefits of portability with satellite Internet?

In remote locations, satellite Internet can be used as the primary way of going online. In instances wherein conventional or terrestrial access remains unstable, satellite Internet can prove to be a reliable back-up system.

Because satellite Internet forgoes the conventional infrastructure used by other means of connecting to the Web, this type of connection offers global coverage, including locations not reached by terrestrial connections. This feature is particularly beneficial in situations where terrestrial access is simply too costly or too difficult. This includes Internet access for businesses engaged in off-shore oil exploration or onboard ships transporting goods across vast distances. But apart from this, satellite Internet offers greater speed as compared to its counterparts.

Because satellite Internet does not rely on terrestrial infrastructure, users are assured that their connection would not be hampered by common hiccups faced by users of conventional connections. During times of disasters when most facilities are down, satellite Internet can prove to be a reliable means to connect to the Web.

Even more important than these benefits is the fact that satellite Internet can be deployed and used almost instantly. Once the satellite terminal has been installed and placed in a suitable location with direct line of site to the satellite, the technician can then proceed to set up the user account and get it ready for use.

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