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Marine Satellite Internet System - Fleet 77

The Fleet F77, a marine satellite internet system which provides a multi-layered priority system allowing Distress, Urgency and Safety calls to take precedence over non-essential and low-priority regular communications.
Inmarsat Fleet F77 is an ideal solution to increase vessel management and operational efficiency, as well as link those onboard with business colleagues, family and friends.


Fleet F77 is Inmarsat's most advanced maritime service, providing global voice and high-speed fax and data services at up to 128kbps

Fleet F77 fully supports the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and includes advanced features such as emergency call prioritization, as stipulated by IMO Resolution A888 (21).

Fleet F77 also helps meet the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code, which came into force in July 2004, and enables the cost-effective transfer of electronic notices of arrival, crew lists, certificates and records.

  • Inmarsat F77 is recommended for the any of the following applications: Data Transfer
  • Internet
  • E-mail and messaging
  • Fax
  • SMS text
  • Voice
  • Crew calling
  • Remote monitoring
  • Weather updates
  • Telemedicine

Key Benefits

Inmarsat's Fleet F77 is a single integrated voice, fax and data service offering a choice of communications, including:

  • Mobile ISDN for voice, fax, large file transfers and facilities such as videoconferencing.
  • Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS), allowing end-users to remain "always connected", with billing based on the amount of data transmitted rather than the time spent online.

Apart from global coverage* and a choice of networking channels, Fleet F77 also provides improved voice distress and safety services. This means that routine and non-essential traffic can be pre-empted to allow safety, distress or urgent calls to be received or sent instantaneously by a ship equipped with the system.

Fleet F77 delivers genuine networking choices to fit all needs. If speed and high throughput are required, then the Mobile ISDN option can be used. Alternatively, the Mobile Packet Data option serves the need for regular e-mail, web browsing, smaller file transfers and other standard networking activity. Software tools are available to determine which service to use measured against actual operational needs.

Inmarsat Fleet F77 has already been taken up by a number of the world’s largest ship operators. A full range of Fleet ship management applications have been tried and tested as part of extensive Maritime Field Evaluations conducted during 2002. The results are published here.

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