Satellite dish

Marine Satellite System - Fleet 33

Inmarsat Fleet F33 delivers reliable high-speed data and fax links as well as global* voice. This premier marine satellite system provides an integrated and compact communications solution for smaller vessels that were previously restricted in their capabilities by the size and cost of terminal hardware. Designed to operate with Inmarsat’s latest generation Inmarsat-4 satellites, Fleet F33 is a long term solution for the needs of all maritime markets including smaller merchant ships, government vessels, workboats, yachts and fishing boats.


Inmarsat is the pre-eminent provider of global* mobile communications, with over 25 years’ experience in the maritime sector. The company is also renowned for its dependable network, consistently delivering reliability levels of 99.99 per cent as part of its maritime safety obligations. The increasing sophistication of the maritime community demands communications access at all times for business, social and leisure requirements. To meet ever-growing needs for data connectivity at sea, Inmarsat’s advanced Fleet family of services (Fleet F77, Fleet F55 and Fleet F33) offers comprehensive data and voice solutions for all vessel sizes.

Fleet 33 has been designed for those who want a small antenna, light above-deck equipment and simple, low-cost hardware installations. It offers global voice as well as fax and a choice of data communications at up to 9.6kbps.

Inmarsat F33 is recommended for the any of the following applications:

  • Data Transfer
  • Internet
  • E-mail and messaging
  • Fax
  • SMS text
  • Voice
  • Crew calling
  • Remote monitoring
  • Weather updates
  • Telemedicine

Key Benefits

Details / Specs


Manufacturer Nera
Name Fleet 33

Phyical Characteristics

Weight 1.5kg
This includes the power supply unit and the main communications unit. Peripheral equipment such as handsets, distribution unit, distress box, fax machines, PCs etc are additional.


Length: 310.0 mm
Width: 180.0 mm
Depth: 80.0 mm
The BDE measures approximately 310mm by 180mm by 80mm.

Data Capabilities

Standard 10Kbps (Send)
Data 10Kbps (Receive)


28Kbps (Send)
64Kbps (Receive)




4.8 kbps (g)


Group 3 (s)


Analogue telephone port (RJ45)
Interfaces ISDN (RJ45)
RS422 serial port
USB serial port
RS232 serial data port (accessed via an enhanced AT command set)


Power INPUT: 19 to 32 VDC
CONSUMPTION: 110W Max in transmit mode
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