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Satellite Marine System - Fleet 55

Inmarsat Fleet F55 provides a single integrated communications solution, delivering reliable high-speed data and fax links at up to 64kbps in the Inmarsat spot beams, as well as global* voice. This satellite marine system adds value to all maritime markets and is fully evaluated and proven in service onboard merchant, government, leisure, fishing, research and offshore vessels. Fleet F55 is a long term solution as it is designed to operate with Inmarsat’s latest generation Inmarsat-4 satellites.


Whatever your needs, Fleet F55 offers a single, integrated communications solution that delivers versatility and choice.

Inmarsat Fleet F55 is an ideal solution to increase vessel management and operational efficiency, as well as link those onboard with business colleagues, family and friends. Fleet F55 has been designed for those who want to access Inmarsat's network through a smaller antenna, lighter above-deck equipment and simple, low-cost hardware installations.

Fleet F55 offers global voice and high-speed fax and data services at up to 64kbps.

Inmarsat F55 is recommended for the any of the following applications:

  • Data Transfer
  • Internet
  • E-mail and messaging
  • Fax
  • SMS text
  • Voice
  • Crew calling
  • Remote monitoring
  • Weather updates
  • Telemedicine

Key Benefits

Details / Specs


Manufacturer Nera
Name Fleet 55

Phyical Characteristics

Weight 2.5kg
The Below Deck Equipment (BDE) weights about 2.5kg. This includes the power supply unit and the main communications unit. Peripheral equipment such as handsets, distribution unit, distress box, fax machines, PCs etc. are additional.


Length: 380.0 mm
Width: 164.0 mm
Depth: 55.0 mm
Depending on the manufacturer, the BDE measures approximately 380mm by 164mm by 55mm, or 220mm by 270mm by 75mm.

Data Capabilities

Standard 64Kbps (Send)
Data 64Kbps (Receive)
Fleet F55 satisfies high-speed data communications onboard vessels through the provision of a Mobile ISDN data channel. This channel offers data rates of up to 64kbit/s in the Inmarsat spot beams** and supports Internet Protocol (IP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Two units can be bonded to offer 128kbit/s. For users requiring a 56kbit/s service, this is available using a V.110 rate adaptor through the terminal’s RJ-45 connector. An option is available for 9.6kbit/s asynchronous data in the spot beams.




64Kbps (x1)


4.8 kbps (g), 64 kbps (s)


Group 3 (s), G4 (s)


Interfaces Analogue telephone port (RJ11)
RS449 serial port
USB serial port
RS232 serial data port (accessed via an enhanced AT command set)


Power INPUT: 19 to 32 VDC
CONSUMPTION: 110W Max in transmit mode
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