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Thuraya Overview


Thuraya offers cost-effective satellite-based mobile telephone services to nearly one third of the globe. Through its dynamic dual-mode satellite handsets and products, Thuraya enhances freedom of movement and connectivity.

Thuraya's US$1 billion regional mobile telecommunications via satellite (GMPCS) system helps meet the need for affordable, high-quality mobile phone services to urban hubs as well as remote communities.


Thuraya Terminals & Products

HNS 7101

Thuraya Hughes 7101 is a satellite handheld mobile phone with integrated satellite, GSM and GPS technology. The Thuraya phone offers a wide range of services including voice, data, fax, short messaging and location determination.


With the pocket fit sized Thuraya SO-2510, satellite phones are no more cumbersome gadgets to carry around. Thuraya SO-2510 offers satellite services exclusively in a mobile handset that is as compact and light as a small GSM phone. As the world’s smallest and lightest satellite phone ever made (weighing only 130 g and measuring 118 x 53 x 18.8 mm), Thuraya SO-2510 has redefined the perception of a satellite mobile phone.


Thuraya SG-2520 is a breakthrough in satellite communication technology.

As the world’s smartest and lightest dual-mode satellite mobile phone (170g), Thuraya SG-2520 offers dynamic performance, inimitable style and innovative features surpassing all other available satellite-based products.

Thuraya IP

ThurayaIP satellite terminal offers Broadband Data Service through a highly compact, ultra lightweight and advanced satellite modem. Engineered to provide faster speeds in Broadband Data Communication, ThurayaIP offers superior 'Always on' super fast and efficient Internet access even from the most remote regions in more than 120 countries in the world.