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Global Satellite Tracking

Always in contact means always in control. For Global Satellite Tracking,  the PDT-300i always keeps you in touch. The new PDT-300i Global Satellite Tracking device gives you the power to respond faster and make the best use of all your resources. It's two-way real-time messaging, tracking and monitoring capabilities help you cut costs, improve customer service and boost operational efficiency.

Global Satellite Tracking Overview

Where the PDT-300i is used

Environmental Monitoring

  • Monitor specific territories to help differentiate between innocent alarms and real environmental threats.

  • Increase productivity and improve worker safety with an uninterruptible work flow (always on)

    Public Safety
  • Respond decisively to fast-changing situations –deploy field resources where they're needed most

  • Telemetry acquisition of data in near real-time
  • On board processor can directly interface with RTU
  • Ease of installation and no antenna pointing required

  • Vessel monitoring
  • Work boat tracking, monitoring and messaging

Key Benefits

GPS tracking and two-way messaging.

Configurable and upgradeable software over the air.

Variable GPS reporting rate, depending on speed.

Battery backup.

All-in-one rugged packaging.

No moving parts.

Wide range power input.

Panic button.

Satellite signal indicator.

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